Activating eStatements

How do I activate eStatements?

The following steps will guide you through activating eStatements.

PLEASE NOTE: ENB Online Banking is Required

Step 1

From the Ephrata National Bank homepage, enter your Username and password and press the LOGIN button.

Step 2

Under Settings on the left-hand menu, select Statement Delivery.

eStatement delivery

Step 3

On the statement delivery screen, click on the pencil icon.

eStatement Delivery Screen

Step 4

In the Delivery Preferences screen select the delivery type drop down menu and select eStatements. Then press save.eStatement Delivery prefrences

Step 5

In the E-MAIL box, type the email address where you would like to be notified when your statement is available.

eStatement Email Screen

If you wish to send a notification to a second address, click on the pencil to add additional addresses otherwise, continue to step 6.

Repeat steps  and 5 for each account you would like to add to eStatements.

NOTE: If you elect eStatements for an account, you will receive eStatements for all accounts that appear on the statement with that account, whether or not you elect eStatements for those accounts.

Step 6

Read and accept the eStatements terms at the bottom of the page.

eStatement Agreement

Step 7

Click the SAVE button to complete your enrollment

eStatements will begin within 1 to 2 statement cycles.