Activating Mobile Deposit

How do I activate Mobile Banking?

PLEASE NOTE: An internet-enabled cell phone or tablet is required to access ENB’s Mobile Banking.

Step 1

Download the mobile app from Google Play or the Apple iTunes Store

Step 2

From the Ephrata National Bank homepage of the mobile app, enter your Login ID and password and press the LOGIN button.

Mobile App Login Screen

Step 3

Under Services on the left-hand menu, select Mobile Deposit Enrollment.

Mobile Deposit Enrollment

This option remains available so you can return to the terms and conditions.

Step 4

Read and agree to the terms and conditions. Log out of the mobile app and log back in.

Step 5

Under Transactions Select Deposit Check from the Menu drop down.
Mobile Deposit Transaction

This option will not appear on the desktop version of Online Banking

Step 6

Select the account you want the check deposited into and enter the amount of the check and press Save. Press the Capture Image button.

Deposit Check

Step 7

Line up the check inside the brackets and press the capture front button.

front of the check for mobile deposit

Step 8

Flip the Check over and line up the check in the brackets and press the capture back button.

Back of the Check for Mobile Deposit

Step 9

Once you are content with how the photos looks press the Submit Deposit button.

Check Deposit

Step 10

When the deposit is successfully submitted you will get this screen. Press Close to continue

deposit submitted

Step 11

You will receive an email saying your deposit was received by Ephrata National Bank

deposit received email

Step 12

You will receive an email saying the deposit was accepted or rejected and why.
approved notiification

Step 13

After a check has been received, it will display on the right side of the Dashboard, Under Deposit Check History as Submitted. Once it has been approved and processed, it will display as Accepted.

Deposit History

Limits for Mobile Deposit

$3,000 per check

$6,000 per day

10 items per day

Availability of Deposits

If your check is received and confirmed before 5PM Eastern time Monday through Friday it will be deposited in to your account the same day. Checks deposited after 5PM or any time on Saturday, Sunday, State or Federal holidays will be deposited the following business day.

Tips for Mobile Deposit

Make sure your check is endorsed with your signature and For Mobile Deposit Only.

Place your check on a contrasting surface.

Have good lighting and line up your check within the brackets on the screen.

Try to keep your hands steady.