ENB Apple Watch App

Apple Watch® Setup

How do I set up my Apple Watch with the ENB App?

PLEASE NOTE: ENB Online Banking and Mobile App is Required

Step 1

From the Ephrata National Bank mobile banking app homepage on your iPhone enter your Username and password and press the LOGIN button.

Mobile Banking Login Screen

Step 2

On the main menu select Settings and then Apple Watch.

Apple watch setup

Step 3

Make sure the Apple Watch option is turned on. If not move the button to the on position.

apple watch toggle

You are finished in the ENB Online Banking Page, you can now logoff.

Step 4

Find the Watch Icon on your iPhone and press it.

Apple Watch App

The My Watch Screen should appear

My Watch Screen

Step 5

Scroll down the My Watch screen until you get to the section titled Available Apps. The ENB icon should be an option. Click Install.

ENB Available Apps

Step 6

When installation is complete, the ENB icon will move to the section called Installed on Apple Watch.

Click on the ENB Icon

ENB App Installed

Step 7

Option to Show App on Apple watch should now be in the On position. If it is not, move the slider to turn it on.

Show on Apple Watch

Step 8

Exit the watch app on your phone. Power your iPhone off and then back on to reset it.

Step 9

Power off your Apple Watch and back on to reset. Once powered back on, press the Digital Crown Button.

Digital Crown Button

Step 10

A screen of “Bubble Apps” should appear on the watch screen. Navigate around until you find the ENB logo. Click on it.

Bubble App Icons

Step 11

It may take a few moments the first time you select this option, but your accounts should appear on the screen.

You can slide left for the next account. Continue sliding left or right for each account to appear. A maximum of 10 accounts will be available for review.

Accounts Screen

Step 12

To view the last 10 transactions for a specific account, press on the account screen. You can scroll up and down to view transactions.

Transactions Screen

Step 13

Selecting the < at the top of the screen will take you back to the previous screen.

Pressing the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch will take you back to the main screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my balance different from Online Banking?

Refreshing your account data will correct this problem. Press and hold down on the account until the option appears to refresh your accounts. This will update the account information.

Can I select which 10 accounts show up if I have more than 10?

Yes. In the Online Banking app or desktop version, you can reorder your accounts under settings and account preferences. The first 10 accounts will be the ones you can view from your iPhone.

Contact us and we’ll answer your questions.