Make your check deposits easily and securely from your business location with ZipDeposit, our remote deposit capture service. ENB ZipDeposit is a convenient way to remotely deposit checks without making a trip to the bank. It’s simple set up and easy-to-use scanner save you valuable time and money, while keeping your cash flow moving.

Using ZipDeposit involves 3 easy steps:

  1. Scan checks using ENB’s secure internet-based system to create a deposit batch.
  2. Review and approve deposit batches at your office.
  3. Approve deposit batches and transmit to the bank. Deposits made prior to 5 pm EST are credited same day.

Benefits of ENB ZipDeposit include:

  • Get money into your account faster!
  • Save on mileage costs with less frequent trips to the bank.
  • Our secure, internet-based system requires no special software purchase.
  • Streamline your banking relationships – ENB ZipDeposit works with multiple business locations.
  • Simplify your accounts receivable process – Our software has customizable fields to capture information from  each deposit so it can be transferred to your accounting program.
  • Integrated security and reporting so you can track how and when your deposits are processed.

To learn more about ENB ZipDeposit, contact us at (717) 733-4181 or (877) 773-6605.

If you are currently a ZipDeposit customer please go to the login screen.
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