Enhanced Online Banking Experience Coming Nov 7

ENB Online Banking Consumer – FAQs

ENB is excited to announce we’ll be performing a major upgrade to ENB Online & Mobile Banking. To make this upgrade, we will take our current Online Banking system down on Friday, November 4 at 7:00 PM and will go live with our new Online Banking solution on Monday, November 7th at 8:00 AM. We are excited about this opportunity as it will provide our customers with added convenience, ease of use and new financial management tools. To minimize disruption caused by this upgrade, we have put together some frequently asked questions to help you know what to expect. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us at (877) 773-6605 or email us.

Special Note: In preparation for this update, ENB Online Bill Payment will be unavailable from October 31 until November 7. During this period, you will be unable to view or schedule new payments, however, any previously scheduled payments will be made.

Why are you changing Online & Mobile Banking?

We believe that this upgrade is necessary to provide user experience that better meets our customers’ expectations for convenience and ease of navigation. It will also allow us to expand the tools and resources we provide.

Will I need to set up a new password to access the new Online Banking system?

To log into the new Online Banking system for the first time, you will need to verify your identify by clicking this Boarding Pass link. Upon clicking on the link, you will be prompted to enter your current Username (Access ID) using lower case letters only along with your social security number and one account number. You will then be prompted to create a password (passcode), enter your email address and set up security questions. The final step will be to review and accept the Online Banking Agreement and disclosures.

The new password will need to be set up online before you can use our mobile banking app.

Special note for customers with Usernames less than 5 characters or more than 20 characters

The new Online Banking systems requires Usernames (Access ID) between 5 and 20 characters. Customers with a current Username (Access ID) less than 5 characters will have 2022! added in order to meet the 5 character minimum when entering for the first time and any uppercase letters will be converted to lowercase. For example, if your current Username is ABc1, it will be converted to abc12022!. Customers with a current Username (Access ID) greater than 20 characters will have their Username (Access ID) shortened to the first 20 characters with any uppercase letters converted to lowercase. For example, if your Username (Access ID) is IhadHamandEggsforBreakfast, it will be converted to ihadhamandeggsforbre. You may change the Username (Access ID) after logging in for the first time but will still be limited to 5 to 20 characters with lowercase letters only.

If I currently have online account alerts setup, will I need to re-enroll in those alerts?

Yes, account alerts will need to be reset in the upgraded system.

After the upgrade, will I still have access to my bill pay history, scheduled bill payments and payees?

Six months of bill pay history will be available after the upgrade. Bill Pay history may not be visible until end of the day on November 7th. Bill payments scheduled prior to November 4 will process and any payees currently set up in Online Banking will be transferred to the new system. Recurring payments will not transfer to the new system and will need to be reset.

Will my eBills move over within Online Bill Pay and continue to be setup?

No, unfortunately the eBills will not convert over and they will need to be re-established once you are logged onto the new Online Banking portal.

Will my recurring and scheduled transfers between my ENB accounts still be set up?

No. Recurring and scheduled transfers between ENB accounts will need to be re-established after the upgrade.

How many months of eStatements will I be able to access?

After the upgrade, you will be able to see 24 months of history with 24 months of rolling history available thereafter.

Will I still have access to my online account history?

After the upgrade, you will be able to see 24 months of history with 24 months of rolling history available thereafter.

Will mobile users need to download a new app?

Yes. The new app is now available for download via Google Play and the Apple App Store. You will first need to set up your new password online by clicking this Boarding Pass link.

If I currently have Zelle, will I need to re-enroll?

Yes, you will have to re-enroll in Zelle.

Will my Zelle history come over to the new online banking portal?

No, your Zelle history will not be available in the new online banking portal.

Can I access Zelle via both mobile banking and online banking?

Yes, you will still be able to use Zelle in the ENB Mobile app or on ENB Online Banking.

Will I still have access to Mobile Deposit?

Yes, Mobile Deposit will be available in the upgraded online banking system.

I am missing a feature that I had previously, what do I do?

Please call us at (877) 773-6605. We will review your access and assist with your setup.

What are some of the new features that will be available after the upgrade?

  • A new user-friendly dashboard with intuitive navigation.
  • Transfers to external accounts outside of ENB
  • Savvy Money – view your credit score in Online Banking and get tips on how to improve or keep your credit score high.
  • Budgeting and personal financial management tools that allow you to track spending, set saving goals and monitor your progress toward reaching them.
  • Account aggregation enabling you to see balances on accounts you have at any financial institution all in one place giving you a better picture of your overall financial position.