It’s My Bank Statement, But What’s With The Fee

June 21, 2016

Surprised male holding monthly statementIt’s your bank account and you should receive a bank statement of what’s in it at no charge, right? After all many folks prefer paper statements because it’s how they bank, and keep track of their finances. Because of printing, postage costs, and fulfillment, many banks are now charging fees for paper statements to recoup the costs of providing them to their customers. Other banks have gone in the opposite direction and have done away with paper statements altogether thus eliminating the associated expense.

Paperless bank statements may make sense to some customers who have been “trained” in the digital age to bank online, while for other customers this isn’t so easy. It’s good to know that at Ephrata National Bank you don’t need to make a choice. With our truly free checking account option, you don’t pay for paper statements. So, if you don’t want to go paperless we aren’t forcing you to. Learn more about our truly free checking today!

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