young woman inserting a credit card to ATM

New Card Readers Installed at ENB ATMs

April 18, 2019

Users of Ephrata National Bank ATMs will be having a slightly different experience when withdrawing funds from these machines. Instead of the typical method of inserting cards into the ATM card reader along the short edge, users are now being instructed to insert the card along the long edge containing the magnetic stripe. Why the change after all of these years? The answer is simple – security. The new technology is designed to combat the installation of card skimming devices at ENB ATMs. According to Barry Harting, ENB Chief Risk Officer, “In light of recent skimming attacks at our ATMs, installing this technology is extremely prudent. We are very pleased to provide this additional level of security to prevent our customers from having their ATM cards compromised.”

Installation began on April 10 with the bank’s Ephrata Main walk-up ATM being the first to receive the upgrade. It wrapped up on April 17 at the bank’s Blue Ball office. Other than the new direction for inserting cards, customers will not experience any additional changes when using their card.