Payment On The Go

Use ENB’s person-to-person payment for sending money.

Payment On The Go is part of ENB’s free Online Banking Service and can be used for paying a friend for covering a restaurant check, making monetary gifts like birthdays and anniversaries to family & friends, and services like babysitting and yardwork. Recipients don’t need to enroll in the service or even bank with ENB. Simply enter their contact information and they will be alerted that a payment is waiting for them.

Just one more of ENB’s quick, easy and secure banking solutions for your life on the go!

You just need an ENB account with a debit card and online banking. Then, in your online banking, agree to the Payment On The Go terms and conditions and enter the debit card number.

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A supported mobile device is required to use the Mobile Banking App. Ephrata National Bank (ENB) does not charge a fee for Payment On The Go. However, third party message and data rates may apply. This includes fees your wireless carrier may charge for data usage and text messaging.