Trust PAL Multifactor Information

Just a reminder that as of 6/21/21, the trust online system will no longer reflect current market values or history due to our trust system conversion. A letter and a new enrollment form for Accunet was mailed to our customers on 6/14/21. Please contact us with any questions, 717-733-6576.

A new multi-factor login process is coming to PAL starting 5/3/21. On your first login after the new process is in place you will be required to furnish a phone number for receiving a one-time PIN code via a text message or call back. The PIN code will be used along with your password to ensure the highest level of secure access to your account. Please contact your Trust Officer with any questions.

Click here to Proceed to Trust Login

View below for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

Enter User ID and click Proceed

Step 1 User ID

Step 2

Enter Password and click Sign In.

Step two password

Step 3

Click Add a New Device the click on Proceed.

Step Three Add Device

Step 4

Fill in the Device Name. Example- Cell, Home

Select Device Profile

SMS Text- text message will come to your phone

Voice Callback- System will call you with the passcode

The Route number is the phone numberĀ  format should fallow 18001234567

Click OK

Step 4 Adding Device

Step 5

Test your device by selecting selecting your Out-of-Band PIN device and click on Test Device.

Step 5 Trust Test Device

Step 6

Once you have tested your device

You are now ready to Login.

Select your Out-of-Band PIN Device and click Proceed.

Step 6 Login

Step 7

You can register your computer or mobile phone so you will not have to enter a PIN on the next Login. Make sure you do not register a public computer.

Make your selection and then click Proceed and your PAL dashboard will appear.

Step 7 Register Computer

To proceed to Trust Login