Agricultural Loans

Agricultural loans were at the core of our founding in 1881 and continue to be today. Whether you are looking to expand, build, purchase equipment or improve cash flow, we can help. Our seasoned lenders all have farming backgrounds and live in the communities they serve. They will respond to your needs quickly with flexible solutions tailored to your situation.

With Ephrata National Bank you receive:

  •  A simple and streamlined application process
  •  Fast loan decisions made locally
  •  Flexible repayment terms
  •  Low closing costs
  •  Retirement and investment planning

Items we can help you with include:

  •  Seed, tool, equipment, vehicle or materials purchase
  •  Construction
  •  Land acquisition and farm purchase
  •  Debt refinance
  •  Growth and expansion
  •  Cash flow
  •  Accounts receivable and inventory finance
  •  Livestock and poultry financing

To learn more about how ENB can help your farm or agri-business, contact us at (717) 733-4181 or (877) 773-6605. You can also e-mail us by completing this form:

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