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Category: First-Time Homebuyer

May 11, 2020

Shopping for a Home? Improve Your Credit Score First

Financial missteps of the past can rear their ugly heads at the worst possible times. As you navigate the mortgage process, expect a spotlight to shine on your credit score. This numerical representation of your credit history plays a significant role in loan approval. While the score needed to secure financing on your new home will largely depend on the…

April 10, 2020

How Credit Affects Your Home Buying Options

Rising property values and shrinking inventories make for a competitive housing market. You’ve probably witnessed homes that initially fell within your home buying budget succumb to a bidding war before vanishing from MLS listings, often within days. It can make you question whether homeownership is possible. Potential buyers who understand how credit health affects home affordability can take steps to maximize…

March 26, 2020

Types of Mortgage Loans: A Quick Comparison

If you’re shopping for a new home, figuring out financing options is likely on your to-do list. The earlier you learn about your mortgage choices, the more time you have to prepare financially for closing. While this is good news, it doesn’t make reviewing home loan details feel less intimidating. A vast array of possibilities, lengthy explanations, and confusing terms can make it seem like you’ve enrolled in a college-level finance class against your will.

October 11, 2019

How Student Loans Affect Mortgage Eligibility

A college education is associated with increased earnings, fewer periods of unemployment, and greater job satisfaction.[1] However, paying for college without incurring debt remains a challenge. Tuition, fees, and living expenses often surpass the amount set aside in college savings plans or available through federal and state grant programs. For many students, scholarship opportunities are limited, leaving loans as the…

September 30, 2019

3 Things You Can’t Afford to Ignore During the Mortgage Process

A mortgage loan can turn the dream of homeownership into a reality. Completing a mortgage loan application, gaining loan approval, and closing on the loan are necessary steps before unlocking the door to your new home. But, the mortgage process is about much more than meeting these critical milestones.

May 23, 2019

Private Mortgage Insurance Myths Debunked – Why PMI Can Be Good

Despite fluctuations in the economy, home values continue to climb.  Reuters reported in June 2018 that U.S. housing prices are expected to rise at twice the speed of inflation and pay. But, what does this mean for renters who are trying to save for a down payment and are doing so at a much slower rate?

April 22, 2019

Is a Home Inspection Necessary?

After months of looking, you finally found your dream home. It’s located in an area with a low crime rate, in one of the top school districts in the region, and to top it off - your move-in ready home is a few short miles from your employer. You’d move in next week if you could. But, before you rush…

March 28, 2019

4 Benefits of Homeownership You Can’t Afford to Ignore

By Chad Neiss - Vice President, Mortgage Lending You’ve been watching more than your fair share of home remodeling shows lately. And, who can blame you? With television networks devoted to backyard, kitchen, and whole home remodels, you can’t help but dream about life without the limitations that come with renting. But, it does make you wonder if homeownership is really…

March 26, 2019

Is Home Equity Loan and Mortgage Interest Still Tax Deductible?

Some people look forward to tax season as much as a visit to the dentist’s office. Others are excited about the possibility of a sizeable tax refund and view April 15 with great anticipation. In either case, this year’s tax filing won’t be a simple repeat of last year.

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