Statement Savings

There When You Need It

Our Statement Savings account is an easily accessible, interest-earning account to keep funds in until needed.

ENB Super Saver

Teaching Kids Good Saving Habits

The ENB Super Saver account is designed to engage and encourage children age 18 and under to start smart saving habits that will last a lifetime. Children 12 and under receive extra Super Saver benefits!

Money Market Account

Earn More on Larger Balances

With an ENB Money Market account, you’ll earn higher interest rates on larger balances with our tiered rates while still having easy access to your money.

EZSave Club

Save for Something Specific

Our EZSave Club is the perfect way to accomplish saving for your specific purpose such as holiday shopping, the family vacation, or any other reason.

Health Savings Account

Save for Medical Expenses

An HSA account can help you pay for copays, prescriptions, and other out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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