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March 31, 2020

Summary of Small Business Loan and Funding Sources

As the coronavirus pandemic has left businesses scrambling to respond to revenue loss, both the federal and PA state government have announced programs to help businesses survive the crisis.  As information and the final details of these programs have been evolving, it can be difficult for the average business owner facing a variety of challenges to keep up. To help our customers decipher information that is circulating, Ephrata National Bank is providing a summary of some currently announced and available programs that could be potential sources of emergency funding for your business.  

March 20, 2020

ENB Announces Actions to Assist Customers During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the Coronavirus Outbreak continues to grow and evolve, we are receiving numerous inquiries from customers expressing concerns about various aspects of their banking relationship and financial well-being.  We want our customers to know that we are ready to stand with them and provide assistance.  If ever there was a time to demonstrate our WE CARE commitment and ease our customers’ anxiety, it is now.  With that in mind, we announce the actions that will go into effect immediately.

March 20, 2020

Protect Yourself from Coronavirus Scams

Unfortunately, during times of uncertainty, scammers attempt to prey on widespread fears in order to take advantage of consumers.  Although the scams may have changed, the steps you can take to protect yourself are fundamentally the same.   In addition to staying safe physically, we'd like to remind everyone about steps they should take to stay safe fiscally.

March 18, 2020

Update on Ephrata National Bank Coronavirus Response

ENB is continuing to monitor the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) taking into account restrictions and recommendations provided by federal and state authorities and agencies.  As an organization designated as an essential business, our primary goal is to continue providing our customers with access to banking services while doing everything we can to reduce the risk of infection to our…

March 13, 2020

Update on Ephrata National Bank Coronavirus Preparation

Ephrata National Bank prides itself on our values of consistency, stability, dependability and community.  It is those values that guide how we run the bank and those values that will guide us as we implement safety precautions in response to the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.  We understand and appreciate the concerns of our customers and communities related to COVID-19 and would like to take this opportunity to share our efforts to ensure their health and safety as they do business with us while reducing the likelihood that our operations would be significantly affected. 

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