Saving Made Easy

March 09, 2015

Happy Piggy BankLife is full of expenses! Don’t let those special occasions or even taxes catch you off guard. Saving just got easier with ENB’s new EZSave Club!

Gone are the days when having a club account means you have to receive your vacation money in May and your Christmas savings in October. ENB’s EZSave Club lets you save for any specific need and select a payout date that works best for you.

With the EZSave Club, you will never forget to set aside money again. You select the amount and frequency of deposits (at least monthly) and the funds are automatically transferred from your ENB checking account directly into your club account. If you have extra money one month and want to stash it away, you can simply transfer money to the EZ Save Club via online banking, telephone banking or at one of our 10 full-service branches.

On your predetermined payout date the funds are automatically transferred into your selected ENB deposit account. You won’t even need to worry about getting to the bank to cash your check…now that’s an EZ way to save! Learn more about the ENB EZSave Club account.

This article is provided for informational purposes only; it is not intended to provide financial or legal advice.