Vishing Scam Alert

October 23, 2019

ENB has become aware of a new vishing scam in which reports indicate some of our customers have been targeted. Perpetrators of this scam call ENB customers posing as a “Security Officer from Ephrata National Bank”. The caller then asks the customer to confirm suspicious transactions on their accounts. Once the customer confirms the transactions are not valid, the fraudster asks the customer to “verify” that they are the account owner by providing the following requested information.

  • Their User Name for Online Banking.
  • A Secure Access Code for their Online Banking account, which they instruct the customer to obtain by using our Online Banking “Forgot Password” function.
  • Their debit card number and PIN.

The fraudster then uses this information to log into the customer’s Online Banking account and remove funds via a Person to Person payment.

Please be extra vigilant and do not provide secure and private information such as account numbers and passwords to anyone. Keep in mind, ENB will never call and request this information from you.