3 Smart Banking Characteristics to Consider when Choosing a Bank

April 27, 2016

Where you choose to bank is a big decision. You need to have a relationship built on trust with your financial partner, knowing that they have your best interest in mind. That’s why when it comes to whom you bank with, it’s important to jot down a few smart banking characteristics to consider when it comes to your money. Here are a few…

Characteristic Number 3: Customer service. Of course, everyone wants good customer service, but how can you be sure that is what you’ll receive once you choose a bank? Online research and word of mouth will both help, but also take into consideration the structure of the organization. Is it flat or are there many layers of management and bureaucracy? Is your contact at the local branch empowered to make decisions on their own or do they have to call and check with someone at another, perhaps remote, location. Are they having difficulty finding answers to questions that aren’t within the norm?

Characteristic Number 2: Online and mobile access. These days who isn’t busy? An important smart banking characteristic is convenience. Does the bank provide all of the methods of online and mobile service delivery that you require? Are these services user friendly and intuitive? Is there support both online and by phone if you have a question or difficulty? You need a bank that understands and allows you to bank whenever and wherever convenient for you.

And the number 1 smart banking characteristic to consider when choosing a bank is…

Characteristic Number 1: Easy to understand accounts. It’s important to know how your account works and be clear on what fees you’ll be charged if you don’t meet certain account requirements. Some checking accounts offer more bells and whistles than others, which can make thoroughly understanding how they work much more challenging.

ENB believes in simplicity which is why we offer easy to understand checking accounts. If you’d like to learn more, contact us or stop by one of our local branch offices. We’ll be happy to help you open an account.