Automatic Savings Transfers

Whether you are saving to establish an emergency fund, specific purchase or anything else, the key to success is being able to put money aside regularly. This helps assure that you “pay yourself” on a regular basis rather than just when you happen to have some money left over. This discipline is the key to savings success, and Ephrata National Bank has a couple of options to help you make savings automatic.

Visit an ENB Branch Office

We’ll be happy to set up automatic transfers from any ENB personal checking account to a personal savings account. Simply visit any branch office, let us know how much you’d like transferred and when. Select the same day each month such as the 15th or 30th or intervals such as every week or every two weeks to match when you get paid. We’ll then get you set up for saving success.

Online Banking Transfers

If you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, customers with Online Banking can set up recurring transfers from checking to savings. Once you’ve logged into Online Banking, select the Funds Transfer option and provide the requested information including the amount you’d like to transfer. You can choose transfers to happen on specific dates or at intervals of your choice. Transfers can be set up so that they will automatically stop after a date of your choosing or they can go on indefinitely depending on your savings goals.

Contact us and we’ll answer your questions.