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ENB Super Saver

Teaching Kids Good Saving Habits

Studies have shown that children who start saving at an early age are more inclined to have financial success as adults. That’s why we want to help teach your children to save by offering the new ENB Super Saver Account. And we’ve created the Super Saver Club1 to make it fun so kids will want to save. Together, let’s help your child establish good saving habits!

How It Works

ENB Super Saver is a free, interest-bearing savings account available for children age 18 and under. All that’s needed is a $10 minimum deposit to open an account, then there’s no minimum balance.

Super Saver Club Perks:

  • ENB piggy bank at account opening2 – when it’s full, stop in and deposit
  • Choice of My Savings Book & Journal activity book or My Favorite Bank coloring book2
  • Club membership certificate with photo of your child as a Super Saver character
  • Opportunity to be featured on ENB’s Facebook page3
  • Gift with any deposit of $10 or more – or bring in a full ENB piggy bank4
  • Personal birthday card sent each year
  • Invitations to special club events

A Real Super Saver

A boy holding money in front of a small treasure chest at the bank
Kenny Rothacker/Ephrata National Bank Super Saver

Meet Kenny. At just 9 years old Kenny already understands the value of saving for his future. As an ENB Super Saver, he’s learned that saving isn’t just smart, it’s also fun.

“My favorite part of going to the bank is getting a toy. My second favorite part is that I get to see the workers here because they are very nice to me.”

Hear more about the benefits of being a Super Saver from Kenny and his dad, Jesse.

Minimum Amount to Open
Minimum Amount to Earn Interest
Interest Rate
Minimum Amount to Open: $10
Minimum Amount to Earn Interest: $0
Interest Rate: 0.10%
APY*: 0.10%

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1The Super Saver Club Membership and benefits are limited to children ages 12 and under. 2Limit one per child. 3Only with parent or guardian permission. 4Child must be present to receive deposit gift with exception for newborns and infants.

*Annual Percentage Yield. Rates effective January 24, 2023 and are subject to change without notice. Fees may reduce earnings. Preauthorized withdrawals, automatic or telephone transfers, checks, drafts and debit card or similar transactions are limited to 6 per calendar month. In person withdraws and transfers are unlimited. Unlimited ATM transfers.