Use ENB's person-to-person payment for sending money

Person-to-Person Payment

Send money in a snap to anyone, anywhere with ENB’s person-to-person payment feature, Payment On The Go. Send monetary gifts to family and friends for their birthdays and anniversaries. Pay your plumber. Surprise your babysitter with a bonus.

Recipients don’t need to be an ENB customer – just enter their email or mobile number and they’ll receive payment.

How to Use Payment On The Go

Signing up for ENB Payment On The Go is faster and easier than other P2P payment services. Simply log into ENB Online Banking, agree to the Payment On The Go Terms, and enter your debit card info. You’re now ready to go!

For detailed instructions on how to enroll in and use Payment on the Go!, click HERE.

Contact us and we’ll answer your questions.

A supported mobile device is required to use the ENB mobile banking app. ENB does not charge a fee for Payment on the Go. However, third party message and data rates may apply. This includes fees your wireless carrier may charge for data usage and text messaging.